New chick that did not absorb yolk and is spraddled

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    Oct 18, 2010
    Hi, Thank you for reading this, any advice or opinions would be appreciated. The biggest help is realizing that I am not alone in this! I love BYC!

    I have a chick now 36 hours old that I saw a hernia on as soon as it flipped out of the shell. I left it in the bator for 24 hours, then put a bandaid on its underside so it would not step on its guts!

    This chick seems happy and does not seem to be in any pain. I moved it this morning at 34 hours old to an aquarium with its hatch buddy. A picture is below.

    My question is: Can I just leave the legs spraddled?

    My reason for thinking I need to is that some of the egg yolk has formed a chunk against the bandaid and it would pull the top of the leg out if I was to try and pull the bottom of the legs together with a pipe cleaner or a bandaid.

    THis chick is SO active and happy!

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    Try to loosen yolk with iodine/setral saline solution. You can make him a "diaper" out of seran wrap and tape his guts up in place, leaving a hole for him to poo. Then bandage the legs for straddle legs.
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    Dec 11, 2010
    Don't know what to say. I am new at this. Just sending prayers your way. [​IMG]

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