New chick-unexpected with first time broody mom-in main coop

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    I went out to check on the broody sisters this morning and collect eggs and heard peeping. Having hatched chicks and raised some from day old's I knew that sound very well. The problem is it is totally unexpected. I have two bantam red laced Cornish hens that decided to go broody. I had some teen roosters in with them a short time (never saw any rooster behaviors) until freezer camp. I left eggs in with the girls to make them feel like they were doing something. I told them everyday that the eggs were not going to hatch.


    One of the girls jumped up and ran out for food and water as usual this morning. Then she would come back and the other take her turn. This has been going on for a couple of weeks. This morning the second to go broody started pecking at the chick so I took her and some eggs out and put her in a dog crate. The other mom is steadfast. Other hens have been stomping in there for the last few weeks and just laying on top of them. I am worried about the baby of course. Mom has done well with it all day. I have been able to keep an eye on them since it is a holiday.

    I have a couple of questions. I want them to be safe. There is another egg due to hatch (I candled it after finding the chick this morning). If I leave her will the chick be ok with the other hens? Will mom protect them? I have an idea that I could put a small dog crate in front of the nest box to keep her contained and the others out.

    If I take her out and put her in her own dog crate how do I go about re-introducing these two broodies back into the main flock? If I keep them in their crates in the main pen will that be better? Will I still have pecking order issues? I really want them to raise these chicks!

    What would you all do??

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