New Chick with Drooping Eyelids

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    Hi, I just bought some chicks. They were covered in feather lice and came from overcrowded conditions. They were raised on wood shavings as bedding. If I had known before I paid for the birds, I would not have bought them, but now that I have.... Gotta give ':confused:em the best. I noticed one of the chicks (3 weeks) has drooping eyelids on both eyes. It's as though they are loose and don't fit the eyeball. She (I think) is keeping one closed more than the other. She has no other symptoms, is eating well, alert and the eyes are otherwise fine (normal color, appearance, no redness, no bubbles, no cloudiness, etc.) For bad conditions in her home coop, there was no sneezing, wheezing, etc and all of the adult birds seemed free of any obvious illness. Is it ammonia burn, infection or something else? The seller sprayed the chicks with Frontline spray. Could it be irritant? I'd really appreciate any insight or treatment advice. The birds are isolated from our home flock and DH is taking care of our flock, while I take care of the newbies. We will maintain quarantine until we have a good grip on what's going on.... What do you think? [​IMG]
  2. I'm so glad you are helping these chickens. I don't know much about frontline (I know you have to be very careful on kittens/puppies) maybe too much has got in the young chicks system, it is very toxic. I don't know how long frontline has been on them, but maybe wash this one chick make sure you dry her/him with a hair dryer. Good thing they are eating/drinking well. Sounds like you are doing your best!

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