New chick with neck issue/wound like - pix


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Jun 2, 2010
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Got my six chicks from MPC today and realized one of my easter eggers has something not right with her neck. When I first noticed this one (pix attached) I thought she had gotten her neck wet from being a sloppy drinker - it was only after I looked at her a bit more I realized that was probably not the case. She looks like she does not have or lost fluff/feathers around her neck and upper front belly and the feathers around the area is dried hard/crusty feathers. She is eating, pooping, drinking, active and the other chicks don't seem to be pecking at her. Sometimes I see her picking (or appears to be) at her own neck. I haven't washed it because I don't know if she will get chilled. I've heard that some chicks come with out some of their neck feathers. Is this is the case - have you seen this before. Suggestions?

Thanks from a new chicken mama!

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