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Jun 2, 2010
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Just got my chickens today from MPC. At first I thought this girls neck was wet from drinking, but now that I've been with them for a few hours, I realized something is wrong with her neck. She is missing feathers - exposed skin and the feathers around the area are dried. It also seems like there is pus/moisture. Any thoughts or what to do?? Should I separate her? The other chicks are not pecking at her. She is eating and drinking and moving around. Thanks!

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Is there an actual wound? If not, it just might be an area that got wet somehow and is now dried. They often look like they're missing fuzz when young like that. I'd wash with warm soap and water and let it dry and see what it looks like then.
It doesn't appear to be a wound. But it definitely looks like she does not have fuzz/feathers. When she first got into the brooder she was drinking up a storm and I thought she had gotten her neck wet from that and was a messy drinker...but then I realized her neck did not look like any other of the girls. I'll give that a try. Should I use blow dryer to dry her (will that freak her out?) or just let it air dry? Thanks!!

This new chicken thing is exciting and a venture into the unknown!

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