new chick won't eat and get up on her feet even with corrections

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    Mar 17, 2015
    Alrighty folks need some advice.

    Chick hatched 2 days ago, she has curled feet and 1 splayed leg, I am correcting both. However; she does't seem to be up on her feet but rather on her elbows(knees whichever you would like to call it) the splayed leg also very off to the right instead of her body even with the brace on, which is made from vetrap with a space between her feet, but just enough for her to walk., she also hasn't eaten and does't take water. I will dip her beak in the bowl and she will take water that way but show no initiative one her own. I have put another friendly chick in with her to maybe help show her, but nothing. She tries to get up and move but she just isn't getting up onto her feet.
    Advice would be much appriciated
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    Nov 30, 2007
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    The one leg may be dislocated, rarely fixable, difficult. Try dropper feeding very wet mash, keep dipping beak. Put her right next to water, sprinkle crushed baby crumbles all around her. Have you thought of trying a chicken chair?
    ETA: vitamins in the water may help also. Welcome to our flock![​IMG]
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