New Chicken keeper...said she had all roos FUNNY read on...

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It was a friend of mine...well, more of an acquaintance but were trying to get together more and do more since we both have lots in common. Well she called me today and she had a bunch of welsummers that she got from someone. She said they were going to butcher because they are all roos. Her friend only kept a few of the "hens" that she got from the bunch but couldn't find it in her heart to butcher the roos so she GAVE them to my friend and all they ask is two chickens worth of the meat. Well she asked me to come look at them because she found an egg in one of her garbage barrels that had been filled with straw and she wanted to see if I could pick out the hen for her. LOL Well, as soon as I got there I looked at the 12 roosters and told her UMM EVERY single last one is a hen
ALL OF THEM! Can you believe she just got 12 POL hens for FREE?! LOL Well, is the problem. She said she owes this lady 2 chickens worth of meat to her and is she knew they were all hens she would want them back. This women got 15 total birds and only kept 3 that she thought were hens. She was new to chickens too obviously. I'm only a year into chickens but being on this forum I KNOW these are all hens for sure. NO hackle feathers at all. Nothing resembling a roo especially since these chickens are already 6 months old. This women wants to go to the store and just buy the chicken meat to give to her. I told her to be honest and let her know (she is a friend) and maybe she will let her keep one or two. What is your opinion to this problem?
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Well, if I had made the mistake myself, I am not the type of person to ask for them back or expect for someone to give them back.

But, it would be a nice gester to give her half of them. Because, the 3 she kept are probably all Rooster's.
Her hubby was going to butcher them that same day so I'm glad I went there too now
I hope she does the right thing and contacts her. She LOVED the very dark egg that the one laid. She called me a bit ago and said she got a SECOND egg
Just as dark as the first. She said she is leaning more towards calling. Her hubby said she should go to the store and get the chicken meat. LOL MEN! I'm just happy they don' t have to die today
I agree that she should contact the lady and let her know. If I was the one who gave them away, I wouldn't expect to get them back but I would be thrilled if I was offered a few of them.
Let us know what she does!

Seriously, she has gotta give them back...or some of them...
I would call the lady, let her know she gave me hens. The lady shouldn't expect them back by any means.

Yes, she still owes the lady two chickens, I would ask if she wanted them alive or dead. Chances are, she'll want her two hens alive. If she just wants the meat, then I would definately buy some from the store to give her. Then I would keep the rest of the birds for myself.

What a score! Congrats to your friend.
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