New chicken lover with a sick chick

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  1. franfoley

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    I have a 15 week old pullet. She is lethargic, losing feathers randomly.

    Her eyes are dry, no apparent lesion or "bugs".

    She allowed me to easily pick her up as before she was skittish.

    No discharge from nose.

    Still waiting for a poop to check for smell, consistancy, and color.

    Any suggestions on what to do to check for other areas!

    PLEASE !!!!!!!
  2. dlhunicorn

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    Jan 11, 2007
    How long has she been like this? Did you use medicated starter when they were chicks? When was the last time you wormed them? (my advice is to get a faecal done at the vet )
    The loss of feathers would seem to indicate parasites... you can go to the feed or petstore (bird section) and get a spray that is suitable to spray ON them... a "spot-on " type of broad spectrum such as ivomec Eprinex would seem in order here (it will also worm your bird as well as deal with many parasites)...see this link for instructions and product:
  3. franfoley

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    I first noticed it this AM, yes I use medicated feed, and thanks for the advice I will do the fecal with the vet
  4. pollysmum

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    Dec 24, 2007
    Why do you think she is sick, what have you noticed in particular to make you think this way

    Your post doesn't give any clear indicators as to why your thinking this way

    When you say lethargic, can you explain a bit more please

    Loss of feathers can mean stress, has anything been happening lately that has caused her to be stressed out

    Have you changed her feed over to something new and done it abruptly?

    How long has she been out with the main flock
  5. franfoley

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    This morning when I let out the hens, one of my newest additions that I have had for 15 weeks, didn't leave the house to free range.

    She allowed me to pick her up. The two things together are unusual in themselves.

    I have brought her into the house and isolated her.

    She has running poop. Normal color but really wet.

    She does not shy away from human contact and doesn't walk around as usual.

    There has been no change in pattern in feed, care or housing.

    She has been housed with the same flock since hatching.

    Her feather loss seems to be gradual. When I picked her up I noticed some feathers fall to the floor. When I put her in isolation, more feathers have been lost. Not a large mass but half a dozen or so.

    I have never treated my flock for worms since I got my first got the first chicks april 2007.

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