New chicken mama from Ohio


5 Years
May 21, 2017
Massillon, OH
Hello everyone!
After years of exploring chicken websites (including this one) and fine tuning my list of chickie breeds, my spouse and I finally snatched our first flock of 6 chicks (4 Barred Rocks and two "Asian Blacks".
Our flock co-habitats with our best friends' flock, bringing the total to 8 Barred Rocks and 4 "Asian Blacks". We both purchased the babes on the same day (several hours apart) with much excitement!
I sort of set my art work aside once the chicks came to us. Watching their antics has become far more entertaining then any art project or movie. Who needs cable with chicks running around!
I have a couple of pictures of my Asian girls, Kali and Isabelle. Kali is mostly black with gold lacing coming in on her neck; Izzy has a beautiful white breast. If you couldn't tell, they're my favourites.
I believe I also have a picture of my spouse's boy, Charles Cluckworth III, Esq. (formally known as Ophelia). I really need to get pictures of the
other girls.


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Thank you greatly! I have videos of all of them, just not individual pictures. My guess is that I lavish way too much attention on "The Devil's Hen". She's just so snuggly! Who else shoves their feathered breast into my hand for the
purpose of being picked up and snuggled? :lau

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