New Chicken Mama needs help!!Check out these pics please

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    I have 1 Buff Rooster and 5 hens all 1 year of age. I noticed in the fall they were hens were losing feathers and thought they were molting. Through the winter I upped the protein however I noticed that on their backs and under the wings signs of pin feathers. Then I realized that this was from the Rooster over mating the girls. The egg production was pretty good throughout the winter 2-4 and sometimes 5 eggs a day. BUT today my husband went to the coop to check on the girls and noticed all but 1 was in the run. He scooted her out and she layed on the ground and wouldn't budge. She kept closing her eyes. I went out and noticed her comb, wattle, and skin very pale and cool to touch. We got 5 eggs today so she did lay. We separated from the flock because 1 of the hens started to peck at her. I took these pics can you please help me. I checked her body for lice and mites and I don't see signs, of black dots, or white eggs of shafts of feathers however this is my first flock.[​IMG]



    Those tiny black specs are the ends of her broken feather shafts.
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    Poor buffs, they always get picked on. She does have some major rooster damage! Any pin feathers of blood feathers that grow there are irresistible to the other chickens. If you are sure she does not have lice and mites, she could benefit from a hen saddle! Maybe keep the rooster separate for a good part of the day to give the hens a break. Also, she may have been sunning herself and puffing feathers just to get sun warmth or cool air into her down.

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