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Aug 6, 2020
Hi everyone! My name is Jodi. My husband and I got ducks for the first time this spring. We have 15! Magpie, pekin and Rouens. Two weeks ago we got 6 chicks, 2 almost ready to lay isabrowns and a white Cochin roo from my sons girlfriend. Then 4 more and then 6 more from TSC. We’re a little bit addicted! We have a silkie, some Cochins, and Easter Egger , a California white, some midnight majesty marina, some isabrowns, some sapphire gems, some olive eggers, and a frizzle. (I think that’s all of them hahah!) Anyway we are new at this and hoping to learn some stuff. My full time job is nursing, but I’m having a blast with these birds!

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