New Chicken Mom from San Diego


9 Years
Oct 11, 2010
My sister and I decided to do something great for our families and raise happy chickens for yummy fresh eggs and hours of entertainment for our kids! We have a 20 acre farm with a large barn that has a ready made coop...the size of 2 horse stalls. We went 3 local feed stores and have collected 2 deleware hens, 4 americaunos(sp) and 2 rhodies, along with t5 cochins that are still babies. We have only had them a few days, and already have lots of eggs! I am hooked!
A warm
from Louisiana! That's the way to do them laying!! The 6 months it took for my girls to start laying was like agony!!
Awesome!!!! I am so glad that you are loving like we do so much!!! That is so neat that you have 20 acres in San Diego area. We also are in the San Diego are and have just begun to in the last six months. OUr kids are so in love with the fun that they have with them. Have fun with the chick and chickens...
Welcome. I just started this spring. This site has been a huge help for me from building the coop to everyday chicken relations to .... yes .... that faithful day the rest of the girls begged me to do something about the 8 teenage roosters with over active hormons
. Two made the dinner table that night and two now have a wonderful home in North Freezerton.

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