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May 18, 2017
I joined a few weeks ago trying to identify some members of my new flock, but am just now getting around to introducing myself.
My family and i always raised meat birds when I was young, and now I am trying to reshape my knowledge of chickens for eggs and long term keeping. I have started a flock of about 40 assorted bantams. The breeds so far seem to be Americauna, Cochin, silver Phoenix, and an old English rooster. I am trying not to play favorites, but the old English is definitely my favorite and spends most of his time on my shoulder.
Currently my main goal is keeping these little guys healthy and ensuring they survive through winter since it is a new concept for me with chickens. In the future I plan to try some natural flock expansion and some interesting cross breeding, maybe add some ducks and other animals along the way.
So I am very pleased to meet all of you and hope to learn a lot and share some great stories with all of you from my little farm in eastern Iowa.
Thanks, Vicky

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If you put your state name in the search box, your state thread will come up and you can post on it. You just may find other Bycers living hear you. :welcome

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