New chicken momma losing chickens!!

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  1. Tizzyhen

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    Jul 26, 2011
    I am very new to raising chickens and seem to be having some issues. I have lost 8 juvenile birds over the last month and am noticing that some of my hens are loosing their body feathers all the way down to the skin. Wing and tail feathers are fine but the under feathers are gone. Also I have tried everything from spraying diluted bleach around their pens,making sure their water buckets are very clean they have been wormed, given antibiotics and electrolites. I am trying everything I can to take good care of them and dont understand why I have lost so many. Another issue is that I got a few grown hens a few weeks ago and have yet to recieve any eggs from them. They are being fed layer crumbles, along with some high protien game scratch and the babies are still on chick starter. Thanks for your help in advance would appreciate insight and comments very much!![​IMG]
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    Apr 7, 2010
    How old are the hens? It could be that they are still adjusting to there new home. Can not tell you bout the feather loss but I would look for mites. Good place to look is around the vent and under thier wings. Wishing you the best [​IMG]
  3. Tizzyhen

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    Jul 26, 2011
    They are both just over a year. One is a black star and the other is a black giant.
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    They may be moulting. I just noticed tonight that one of my girls started molting today... her feathers are coming out literally by the handful. Good luck. If they are molting they won't lay for a month or two.
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    Quote:Clarify for us-- have the eight juvenile birds you've lost over the last month been afflicted by this condition? Or are you saying 'I've lost so many-- I don't want to lose more?" Either way, eight in a month makes me feel like we're not seeing the whole picture.

    With that, can you post a picture?
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    Jun 15, 2011
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    1) How old are the hens that are losing their feathers? As posted, if they're about 18 mos old, they could be molting - a normal condition.

    2) The new hens may still be adjusting to their new place, it takes them a while sometimes to start laying after moving, it's stressful to them. Another possibility if you don't know the person well who sold them to you, is they may be older than you were told.

    3) If the new hens aren't quarantined, they may have brought in whatever is causing you to lose your juveniles. Even if they're not sick, they could be carriers of something they're immune to.

    4) How old are the juveniles and what were their symptoms before they died?

    5) If any more are showing similar signs, isolate them from the rest of the flock to treat them.

    Please post more info so that we can help you.
  7. Tizzyhen

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    Jul 26, 2011
    The hens were supposed to be a little over a year old whatever that means. I didnt know the people I got them from so they could be older....the juvenile birds are all about four months old except for the silkie bantams which I have lost 6 of were only a few weeks to a month old. I am wondering if its possible they were smashed at the bottom of a sleeping pile...?? The silkies are what I have had the most trouble with as far as losing them. Another thing that I just thought of is the hens and juveniles that I bought were from down in two cities in valleys I live up on a mountain could the temperature change affect them as far as the losing feathers maybe they are molting. There is at least a 10 degree difference or more than where they are came from.

    As far as having them seperated yes they have been and the entire flock has been treated with wormer,electrolites,and antibiotics.
    They all seem fine running around as usual all look healthy except for the under feathers being gone maybe I am just freaking out over nothing?? I just dont want to lose anymore I sit with them most of the day as they run around the yard and watch them I consider them all my pets not just chickens:)
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