New Chicken Owner: Day 9, 4 Chickens (3 Americana, 1 White Crested Black Bantam)

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  1. jette

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    Hi from Monterey, California (Central Coast). I am a new chicken owner - 9 days! We have 4 hens: 3 Americana and 1 White Crested Black Bantam. I found BYC by searching "chicken forums" on google. I just began organic gardening and made my first composter yesterday. I'm really enjoying a lot of time outside right now. I also love food and wine and am involved in Greyhound Rescue.

    Kurt and I will celebrate our 9th anniversary next month. We have owned 3 rescued (retired racing dogs) greyhounds - at present, we have one (Del Ray Minka of Florida). We have one short haired, black cat - Mr. Jupiter and our chickens are named:

    Lulu - After my grandmother Louise
    Corky - After my grandmother Corinne who went by the name Corky
    Gertrude (Gert) - It rhymes with my husband's name Kurt
    Opal - for her pretty fluffy head.

    I am a part-time consultant for Vemma Nutrition, discovered after learning I was gluten, dairy, soy intolerant and was not absorbing nutrients efficiently. I'm currently looking for a part-time role in Development at a non-profit or in human resources. I am trying to create a career offering me time with my chickens ;)

    Our bantam, Opal, is getting pecked by the big hens (Americanas). I have talked to many and done a lot of research and have her inside tonight (in a box with holes) and treated her with Vemma (that's the liquid vitamins/minerals I represent - it has a lot of aloe vera - good for skin/hair/scalp - hope it works for chickens - it couldn't hurt for sure). Then, I dried her head and applied corn starch. Tomorrow, my plan is to do the same and also apply Cayenne Pepper on the healthy feathers around the wound/missing feather area.

    I am open to suggestions - I have heard a zillion things and hope to not have to permanently separate because I like my chickens to enjoy free ranging all day when I am at home and I cannot imagine having her all alone. Also, it took some time to convince my husband to get chickens, so suggesting that he build another chicken coop is not in the plans right now. The house we purchased (pre-fab) is small and the pen was way too small for me to leave them in it. They just fit (how is that called a free-range pen?)

    Anyway, We moved the house inside an area that will become a 9 foot by 16 foot fenced area with cover (hoops with cow panels). It's really exciting - but can you imagine my asking for more chickens - the giant pen won't be done until this Sunday coming up!

    other suggestions? OR - just say hello, I am so happy about owning chickens, they are amazing creatures - so hilarious to watch. I would love ideas of fun things to put into their new pen. They were walking through open cow panels laying in a hoop today - all four of them in a row like little soldiers - it was great fun. ;)
    OK - this is therapeutic writing all this. Did anyone make it this far? ;) Jette
  2. Bernard P. Fife

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    Jan 8, 2012
    Welcome aboard! This place is a lot of fun! It's almost as addictive as the chickens we talk about!! :D
  3. jette

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    I think it will be for sure. Oh, every day about 2:30 ish, my chickens walk up the patio and look inside at me in the office. What is that about? Are they dropping in for afternoon tea?
  4. gryeyes

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    Woo hoo! [​IMG] Welcome from a former resident of the Monterey Peninsula! I spent most of my life there, from Pacific Grove to Monterey, back to Pacific Grove, to Marina, back to Monterey, then to Seaside and finally to Castroville, beginning at age 13 and ending in late 2007 when I was .... 53.

    Nine days of keeping chickens, huh? Oh, it only gets better! And, sometimes, worse... that's reality. But chickens are such delightful creatures, each with its own personality.

    I like hanging a cabbage on a poly-cord from a shepherd's hook, just a tad above chicken head level. At first they'll be afraid of it - new things are strange and therefore suspicious - but then their curiosity will take over and they'll enjoy jumping to peck at it. Healthy and entertaining (for them and for you to watch).

    So, hey howdy! and don't be afraid to ask ANY question in the various forums. If I hadn't found BYC I'm not sure my flock would have had as good a life as they've enjoyed. This is where you come to research and learn the best way to do things, and also the best place to return to find out how to fix the mistakes you make when you DON'T check BYC first. Plus, the members are awesome. I have so many friends I have never met, now. And some very precious ones I actually HAVE met in person, through BYC.

    Enjoy the forums and your flock members. We're here to help and have fun, doing so. May you also experience that same fulfillment!
  5. jette

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    that sounds so fun - the cabbage. I also heard to hang old CD's. I want to make there giant house super fun. Do chickens usually like to walk though tubes? I was shocked that they all walked through the role of cattle panel!

    I am having an issue right now and treated my hen pecked bantam with Vemma and Corn Starch. I was told to put cayenne pepper on the good feathers in the morning. I have her in the house now (boxed) and feel like petting her, but don't want to disturb her - she is so sweet when I pet her - but I don't know how scared she is and don't want to interfere with her healing process.
  6. jette

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    are you living near the area now? i got my chickens from arroyo seca area (near Soledad/Greenfield).
  7. gryeyes

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    No, I relocated to the Sacramento area in Sept '07 and moved up here to the Western Sierra Foothills this past July. I still commute on weekdays to Sacramento, 52 miles twice a day. I know Soledad, Greenfield and Arroyo Seco quite well. For 26 years I worked as a Public Safety dispatcher, supervisor and 9-1-1 Center Supervisor in Monterey County for two different agencies so I kinda HAD to know the whole county very well. [​IMG]

    When I lived in Marina, I had ducks.... purchased as ducklings from Collier Feed in Salinas. No clue what breed they were, back then.... "ducks." Some of the Cayuga ducks I now own were purchased as ducklings from Metzer Farms in Gonzales - ordered online and shipped via USPS. (I just kinda think that's interesting.) See Metzer Farms ONLY deals with waterfowl, no chickens at all.
  8. jette

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    I heard you can order chickens in the mail - that is funny and shocking - so, why not ducks I suppose. My husband grew up in Sacramento (Orangevale) and I grew up in Fresno - so I understand the weather. The foothills must be lovely. Kurt and I took a long drive back from lake tahoe in that area ( I think) and it was beautiful!

    thanks for answering my new egg message with a greeting!

    I will continue trying to heal the little bantam who is getting beat up!
  9. 1muttsfan

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    Mar 26, 2011
    Upper Peninsula Michigan
    hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan [​IMG]

    You might post in your area's social thread looking for chicks/ducklings, there are many hatchaholics out there that will be flooded with peeps once the spring hatchiing frenzy hits.
  10. S&N Livestock

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    Mar 17, 2009
    southern ohio
    [​IMG] from Ohio

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