New Chicken Owner. Has anyone seen this type of injury or skin problem?

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  1. lhutch78

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    Sep 5, 2012
    South Georgia, USA
    We have 10 hens & 2 roos.

    Olivia is acting fine eating well but upon catching her & inspectiong her we found her red underside & bottom and this hole under her wing. She is under a year, not sure if she is laying, gets along well with the other girls. What is this & what do we need to do for her? Not sure is she should be removed. Checked for lice/mites whatever. Can not see anything/ no one else has any syptoms or feathers missing.

  2. chickenzoo

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    Hi, I think she has two issues going on...
    One, I think she is molting or going broody..with the missing belly feathers..
    Two, the would under her wing... I would clean it off well, and apply some neosporine or blue kote to the wound. Check for any heat around it or if their is piss build up then lance it. If it feels hot then I'd put her on an antibiotic.
    From the pic it looks like her keel bone is sticking out. You may want to worm her and the others..

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