New Chicken owner in Rome, NY


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May 26, 2012
Hello all! My name is Justin and am the proud father of six chickens. I've had them since they were a week old back in March and have been enjoying them ever since. I bought them off of a local. I have a female blue laced red Wyandotte Roxanne, a male Cuckoo Maran Taylor, a male Ameraucana Charlie, a male Delaware Pokey, and 2 female Easter eggers Holly and Stevie. They all get along great! Charlie is the leader of the pack. He helps me get everyone together when its time to come in for the evening. I still think its crazy that I ended up with a half and half split. I'm not sure what I an going to do with two of my roosters but only time will tell how things are going to go. I should hopefully be expecting eggs from the girls soon. I can't wait! I do plan on using them for food, but there is a possibility that I may let some of them hatch. Well, I look forward to expanding my knowledge of these animals and hope to share my experiences.
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Hello! I was thinking about buying a home in Rome, NY but I am worried about the legality of owning chickens there. I have 4 hens and one rooster. Are you in the city of Rome or the outskirts? Any insight would be much appreciated!

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