New chicken owners need help with injured leg


11 Years
Sep 24, 2008
I am sure there are many posts regarding an injured leg. We are very new to the forum and chickens. Please excuse our ignorance.
We have an eight week old hen that doesn't want to stand on one of her legs. It doesn't seem to be sore on its lower leg but up higher. She is just sitting on the rat wire floor. We did build a rather tall cage with a rat wire floor. We put a little straw in there and a sheet of plywood for them to stand on. The egg nesting boxes are up high with a walkway to it. We are unable to let the birds out until we get a screen over their out door run. The hawk is watching them too carefully.
We are concerned about the injured bird. A friend told us if they are under the incubator to long they may need to develop more muscle to stand. Does that sound right? The other four birds seem quite healthy.
We need advice and are trying to avoid taking our dear chicken to the vet.
Thanks! Help!


THE Delaware Blue Hen
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Feb 21, 2007
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She may have hurt it jumping down from the nest boxes or roosts. This happened with one of my girls, but she broke her toe. I let her be and she healed fine. Just keep an eye on her and make sure it isn't broken or anything and that there isn't a whole lot of swelling.

I hope she is ok!

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