New chicken room in a barn - what would you do??

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    I've spent the evening scouring the internet for cool ideas INSIDE coops. What has worked - what hasn't, etc. I would really really love to see pictures of the insides of everyone's coop that your guineas and/or chickens are in. What do your guineas/chickens love the most? What won't they go near? How high are your roosts?

    We are rebuilding a 100 year old barn that was originally a milking parlor on the first floor, the second floor was half the barn and it was a chicken room (the gentleman who built it started his chicken/turkey raising in this barn - today his grandchildren run the business on a different property and sell thousands of turkeys and chickens a year) There was also a 3rd and 4th floor on the barn. The 4th floor was up above the chicken room which made the chicken room ceiling about 8-9 feet tall. We are not planning on putting all the floors back in. Redesigning the barn a little and putting the second floor all the way acrossed the barn. The first floor will be for the horses, LGD's, and the tractor. The chicken/guinea room will stay at half the barn on the second floor which will make it 30x24 feet. Hay and storage for the other half of the second floor. We are not putting the floor above the chicken room which would then make the ceiling some 30 feet tall. I would like to put roosts up there for the guineas. The walls and floor are all old tongue and groove wood.

    I have a lot of space to be creative and I'm looking for lots of ideas so that I can make it my own. The chickens I know will stay in the barn. I want my guineas to WANT to stay in the barn at night (hence the tall ceiling) I would LOVE for them to nest in the barn too.

    Just trying to get lots of opinions on what other people would do if they had the space...

    I don't know how to put images on here.... hmmm or I would add a pic of what the room itself will mostly look like.

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