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    So that yall know, I asked this in the "Raising Baby Chicks" section but failed to get an answer. It may be that I asked the question in the wrong section.


    Last year I ordered 20 sex link chicks. Now its time to order 20 more chicks. I want

    5 Ameraucanas Pullets
    5 Ideal 236 Pullets
    5 Buff Orpington Pullets
    5 Black Langshan Pullets

    Once its time to intergrate them into general population will there be any issues with the different breeds? I know I will probably have the occasional issue just from intergrating them but is there anything special that I need to know?


    Thanks in advance.
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    in general you have not ordered any agressive breeds; although I don't know about Langshams.
    Your original flock is going to want to tell the newbies that they are the boss . . . especailly the one REAL boss.
    However there is safety in numbers, and you are not introducing one lone new baby so all should go well.
    It is best if you introduce them through wire for a week or so, so that the originals don't feel ovewhelmed. Then make sure your newbies have a place to run and hide & escape from persecution that the big ones can't fit under or in. All adjustments will be over in a week. just watch for anyone super aggressive (this can usually be fixed with a time out) or anyone getting picked on more than their share.
    Personally if I get one that won't behave herself I get rid of her, peace in the flock does a lot towards egg production.

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