New chickens after Mycoplasma outbreak in the coop.

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  1. windy1975

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    Mar 20, 2016
    Being a first timer I wanted to add more chickens to my growing flock. I started out with 7 white leghorns that were 3 days old in march. After the warmer weather came in I put them outside in a coop. Only losing 3 to local wildlife I thought I was doing good. With research I found that Brahma's tend to be broody so purchased 2 hens and sure enough one was Gertie became broody within a month. Unfortunately Martha was killed by a hawk in that time. Well Gertie's chick hatched in July and I just beamed with pride at my new chick as well at Gertie. She was a great mother. I enjoyed the brahma breed so I purchased 3 more from the same lady. All thriving and just great free range chickens. Again wanting to increase my flock I found some Road Island Reds 3 beautiful pullets that I called the reds. (My moms favorites) getting 6 eggs a day I was selling them for $3.00 a dozen and had people waiting for eggs. The Reds and the 1 of the Fat Bottom Girls as I affectionately called the Brahma's were not laying yet. Again I was getting impatient and bought 4 Buff Orphingtons and 2 guineas (my dad's favorite) at a trader days. Lesson learned!! With in a week and a half the majority of my beautiful flock was sick. Runny noses, congestion, swollen eyes, lethargy. They looked terrible. I had the vet out on 11/10/16 and she feels it was mycoplasma. After finding out that the Tylan was not going to be sold otc she called me in a prescription and it will be here tomorrow. After doing more and more research online I chose to have by boyfriend destroy my beautiful assorted flock while I was out of town on Friday night because of the fact that they would be carriers. I want to sell eggs and hatch eggs in the spring. I am just heartbroken because they were not only chickens they had names. Clark was a stunning White Leghorn Rooster. I know others have done this I just wanted to know how long to keep my coop empty before getting more healthy chickens? I sprayed it with bleach water today and will remove all it the sawdust bedding and burn it and bleach all of the food and water bowls tomorrow. Then spray the coop again tomorrow. I have seen to leave it for 3 days up to 3 mo the. Please no negative comments I still fight with myself that it was the right thing to do. I can't see keeping carriers when they will just infect others. I just want to get back to collecting eggs again. It was like Christmas every time I went to the coop. QUARANTINE WAS THE LESSON LEARNED!!!!
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    May 18, 2016
    I so sorry! It's a hard lesson that a lot of us had to learn the hard way! Don't beat yourself up! If you weren't willing to keep a closed flock then it was the right thing to do! Mycoplasma does not live long after the birds are removed. I believe 3 days. if you have a reliable source, I would get new chickens after a week or two. vaccinated chicks would be the safest route or get started pullets from a reputable breeder. Stay away from swap meets and Craigslist.

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