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Aug 4, 2021
Hi, I am Bonni from So. CA and this is my 4th round with chickens. The last time was in the eighties when I kept dairy goats (25 years) and Tibetan Mastiffs. My little farm is gone and I now have just a suburban backyard. Missing all my critters I decided to get some chickens again. I have had exotics in the past and way too many. This time around it is just me and my TM, Royce so I just have 2 chicks. They are Jersey Giants. In the past my father or I built our own coops but this time around with the price of wood I bought a kit. The first little house was really cute and I had it in an 18 foot run. The Jersey Giants out grew that really fast so now I just completed a nice 6 ft tall coop from Tractor Supply. It is a nice coop but needed some shoring up for strength and many custom additions to make life easier and more efficient. The coop came in raw wood so first I painted it inside and out to protect the wood. I have added chain to catch the drop nest box door so it can be a shelf when opened. On the back end I shored up the bottom with extra bracing and added wheels. On the front I placed two strong handles for when it is being moved. It came with one door handle for the little door but I added handles all around. I also installed a hook on the front near the hatch door to hang a cheap back brush from the dollar store to use when the door track gets jammed with shavings. The first night the chicks had trouble getting up the steep ramp so I added extra struts and now they get up just fine. I also coated the drawer with rubber paint to make it water proof. I hope you like my additions.

I am looking forward to learning more tips from all of you.



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