New chickens & coop


8 Years
May 22, 2011
Fort Worth
Ok,we just got our chickens,some older & some young.The older ones came from my cousin & the young ones from the feedstore. Here is our questions. We built a new coop & moved the older ones tonight after dark.They are on thier new roost & doing fine.Do I let them out in the morning? They just got here tonight.Also,I have 8 baby chicks that are ready to go out all the time but they are still small.Can I put them all in together? I do have a rooster,but all the rest are pullets & older females. Will my little girls get beat up? What would ya'll do?
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Out? Is your run totally fenced? If so, then go for it. If not, then no, wait a bit.

How old are your chicks? 8+ weeks? If so, then you can probably integrate them. Yes. they will get beaten up, but that is part of it. If the older ones are not too brutal, then they will all be fine in a few days. Watch for the roo, though. I like to put an upside down laundry basket with a hole cut in the side on the coop floor for the wee ones to be able to escape the older bullies.
Not sure how old they are,but they are around a month. Maybe a box with horse climb wire on the front where they can slip through?

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