New chickens :D Merry Christmas !

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    I used my Christmas money to buy some new chickens from a breeder who I have befriended ! They are all 2010 hatch !

    First here is my trio of Silver Spangled Hamburgs. They are REALLY flighty :O I'll just pics of the roo and one of the hens !
    Here's one of the hens
    Here's the roo, he's CRAZY

    Here's my pair of Jungle Fowl, they are somewhat flighty, but not as bad, they are in an xl large dogcrate till spring, I had to crawl in to get a good pic. Haha.
    The hen
    The roo

    I also got my dad a set of laying hens, they are Barnevelders [​IMG] He is taking them in the spring ! [​IMG]
    (Yes, those are rabbits behind them [​IMG])

    Pics of my Silkie Cochin mix hens, picked these guys up a couple days ago

    Merry[/URL] Christmas !

    ALSO - Do my Hamburg's look like they would do well at shows? I know it's hard to tell from the pics, but from what you can tell ?
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    Pretty birds
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    Quote:Thank you ! [​IMG]
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    wow so nice

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    Quote:Thank you ! I'm really happy with em ! [​IMG]

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