New chickens disrupting laying??

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    Aug 29, 2013

    So I have had a flock of 12 for approximately 8 months. A few days ago I added 6 more laying hens that are within 1 month of each other. This equals my flock of 18 laying hens. I have 6 laying boxes just for added info. Today I noticed that there were NO EGGS! I usually get 10-12 eggs a day. I am also seeing my original chickens attacking the new ones. The new ones are larger in size as well.

    I am concerned that the new hens are either eating the eggs or disrupting the laying process. What should I do to regain and maintain my egg production? I need to know if this will be a fast fix too so I can tell customers what is going on and how long it will be until they can buy eggs again.

    Hope you all can help!!
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    [​IMG] Chickens hate change. Any change in routine, feed, environment, social structure (pecking order) can cause a decrease or even cessation in egg production. The pecking and fighting that you are witnessing is to be expected as your established flock attempts to assert their dominance. The addition of new birds coupled with decreasing day length and possible molt may impact your flock for several weeks or better.
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