New chickens, new coop, pecking order?

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    I am contemplating getting my first flock from a farm, I am planning on getting pullets near the point of lay. my question is will they integrate with EACH OTHER well since they will be strangers to each other? Or are they really strangers considering they were flock mates of a sort, lots of birds free ranging together from what I understand. These will be my first birds going into a brand new coop, as soon as I finish building it..
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    Even though they came from the same flock and are familiar with each other, the pecking order will realign itself for the members that move to your farm.
  3. IdyllwildAcres

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    Thanks Redsoxs, I figure it will work itself out soon enough once they arrive
  4. Yeah, they will know of each other...Possible little sub groups...Meaning friends that stick closer together...I have 11 pullets and they have little separate groups...They all get along, just prefer certain birds company...Of course the pecking order will change...Chickens do not handle stress or change...It will take a few weeks for them to establish a working flock.....Have no worries they will be fine...

    Best of luck...


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