New Chickens Not Eating

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    Mar 8, 2013
    East Texas
    About 18 hours ago, we got four adult Serama chickens from a farm where they were free ranging in the most literal sense of the word. After a rather difficult capture with a net, and an hour and a half car ride home, then being placed in their new surroundings, they were, understandably, frightened. We intend on keeping them as housepets (except, perhaps, for one rooster with a very, um, "clarion" crow), so they are hanging out in their extra large parrot cage (except for the one rooster, who is about to find a new home on craigslist, unless anyone wants him), with lost of perches, and interactive stuff, and food and treats and grit and bedding. The Works! And all they have done for the last 18 hours is jump on a perch, huddled together and try to stay as still as possible. I have seen no sign that they have eaten or drunk anything. Are they just acclimating to their new environment? I put their cage in a quiet room we don't use and shut the door, to keep their environment calm. But so far, they have not budged. Free ranging is too dangerous where we live. Any ideas? Will they just get used to it, and eat and drink when they get hungry? How else can I reduce their stress?
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    May 17, 2012
    I think they are just scared, I have Seramas in large cages in my basement its to cold here in MN to keep them outside in the winter. I took mine a week to get used to it. You can put electrolytes in their water that helps with stress
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    I have had parrots in a very new enviroment go 2 -3 days without eating.
    Same for peas, paralized!. If yours were free ranging and going into
    a small cage (in the sense of the outside world they had),
    they probably thinking they are already Dead! (prey animals
    do that)....
    Give em a little more time and maybe keep the privacy up
    to let them acclimate.
    Like kitty said, if you dont have electorlites, maybe a little sugar
    in the water.
    Never seen a chicken turn down a little boiled egg, either.
    Remember to move slowly and talk gently
    around them. they will come around,
    Good luck.
  4. jnntefend

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    Mar 8, 2013
    East Texas
    They are doing better now. They even laid and egg. Hooray! I stuck a strawberry in there, and that got them going.
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    Apr 15, 2011
    Sabine Parish, La
    You can put apple cider vinegar in their water. It helps with the stress

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