New Chickens!!!! So excited!


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5 Years
Oct 19, 2014
I just attended the Bloomsburg, PA sale today. We had a great time and brought home some beautiful birds! Three buff orpingtons, three Sussex, a group of young pullets, a pair of geese, a group of call ducks, a pair of mandarins, kahki Campbell babies, and three rabbits. Way more than I ever expected to buy but so happy I was there! Some of the birds are my oldest daughters and the rabbits are my sons. I can't wait to add my new chickens to the flock. We began work on my pen for my turkens since I am keeping a pure flock and we are also going to keep the Sussex and orpingtons separated to keep them pure. My one year old son was petting our new orp rooster, such a gentle giant. The auction was my Mothers Day gift. And it was the best thing they gave me. Can't wait to finish the pens up tomorrow.

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