New chickens - will they live in harmony??

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by LgtSussexChook, Dec 29, 2013.

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    So after a horrible attack (again) from our puppies (must have been around 6 months ago now) on our Light Sussex trio, our hearts have healed and we finally feel ready to have some more chickens. The fort-knox-style chicken coop (more like 'Chicken Country Estate') is being constructed by my other half as I type this. We will be taking much firmer steps this time to ensure our 2 dogs don't touch these ones - including properly introducing them.

    On Saturday we are picking up 3 black Silkies (2 pullets, 1 roo - all 4 months old) and 4 buff Orpington pullets (8 weeks old) from different breeders.

    My partner will go and pick up the Orpingtons and I will go and pick up the Silkies. It might sound silly but I was planning to put them all in their new enclosure at the exact same time so that no-one has lived there longer and thought of it as 'theirs' - have read a lot about introducing new hens to existing ones and don't want any bloodshed over whose turf it is.

    My reasoning behind getting the Orpingtons so young was that they would be small and not bolshy, bossy hens who might pick on the Silkies - I hope this works!

    Has anyone done something similar e.g put 2 lots of new hens in a new environment at the exact same time?

    Appreciate it, thanks! [​IMG]
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    I would consider quarantine for the birds as a biosecurity means first. After 30 days then I would introduce them.
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    Medical quarantine recommends 30-40 feet separation for 30 days minimum, change shoes clothes between coops.

    But...your risk, your choice.

    The 8 week old may be too immature to defend themselves against the older, but probably similar sized, silkies.
    You can try to integrate them immediately but I'd be ready with separate enclosures if things get bloody.
    Read up on integration, lots of scenarios and possibilities.

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