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May 13, 2013
I recently introduced 3 new chickens into my flock. 2 of which are silkies and one aracauna, i have many silkies and many aracauanas. For some reason, the one new aracauana is brutally picked on! They don't even let the poor baby eat anything. I have to hand feed and water her. The silkies are fine, but they are relentless to her. I realize it's only been a few days, and that's why I'm wondering if it'll get better. She hides all the time and it's so sad. Do you think they will get used to her and stop? Why are they acting this way with only her?
I have an Ameraucana that still gets picked on. I have to put her in the coop every night because she doesn't like the roosts with the other hens and she tries to sleep on the roof. I would just watch and make sure she gets enough to eat and it doesn't get to the point where they make her bleed. I have introduced many chickens and in time the pecking order evens out. And usually the most docile birds or breeds end up at the bottom.
They haven't made her bleed, I guess I'll just have to hand feed her until it slows down. The only one that doesn't peck at her is the turkey! She hides under her. It's sad.

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