New chickies are here (More pictures)


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Aug 31, 2008
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I got the call from the post office, so ran down there to pick up my order from Ideal. I asked for 12 of the standard-sized mixed breed pullets. When I opened the box, I counted 20!
I thought I might get a couple of extras, but not that many. Please tell me there's a chance that some of the extras are pullets. Eight roos are too many for only twelve hens, and after losing two of our three 3 month olds last night, I know the kids won't let me cull any.

I have no idea what breeds they are, so I'm open to anybody's best guesses. Quite a nice color selection, to be sure. I notice that some of the lightest yellow ones and some of the greyish ones have fluffy feet, but most do not. They all seem active and happy and have found the food and water, so I'm hoping all do well.




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Fluffy feet are good if you want to know what a chick is, because there are only a few birds with fluffy feet. The gray fluffy footed ones are probably Brahmas or Sumatras. The yellow fluffy footed ones might be Silkies, Sultans, or Frizzles. If any of the feather footed chicks have a strange shaped head, a tuft of down on the head, or a crest, they are almost definetely polishes.
I got chicks from ideal last week but I ordered specific ones.

I have two blue/gray ones like yours, they are Blue Cochins. I also have two of those black/silver chipmunk looking ones, mine are Silver Laced Wyandotte.

I saw some buff/yellow ones with feathered feet, maybe those are White or Buff Cochins?

Im not sure about the black ones, maybe Black Australorp or Jersey Giants? Maybe the reddish ones are Rhode Island Reds?
Okay, now that my helpers are home from school, we separated and re-photographed the new brood. We have:

4 reddish ones

2 creamy/yellowish ones with bare feet

5 creamy/yellowish ones with fuzzy feet

3 that look sort of like little penguins

3 gray ones with fuzzy feet

3 that look chipmunky

So far they are all doing great, eating drinking and pooping (and PEEPING, boy are they loud LOL).

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