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Sep 17, 2012
brooklyn, ny
Hi all. I had a "flock" of three five-week-olds who all seemed to adore each other, but one (my and my son's favorite, a really friendly and charming barred rock) died this weekend after a tragic freak accident with the wire on their run. I am worried about having only two hens, especially since these gals seemed to like each other so much, so I ordered three more babies to arrive 10/29.

Obviously, I can't put them in together right away, but does anyone have any thoughts on when I'll be able to do so? Will I have to wait until the babies are full grown or can I do it sooner? I would rather do it sooner, if I can, but I have space to keep them separate if need be.

The older two are transitioning out to the coop now and will probably be out there full time next week, so long as we don't get a freak early extra-cold spell. (They're not fully feathered, but almost, and have been spending days happily out in the run, even when it's cloudy and grey.) Until they're fully transitioned, I can keep them in the big brooder box they're in now, and put the new little ones in the little brooder box (a big storage bin) that I used at first with the older ones.

Thanks for any advice!

(And don't worry, the tiny piece of wire that maliciously attacked poor departed Aggie has been removed, so no more accidents in the run!)

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