New chicks added to old chicks?


10 Years
Jul 31, 2009
Davis County, Utah
I am wondering what you all do when you get new chicks. Do you add them to your existing flock? Do you sell/give away your existing flock and just start a "new" flock each year? I've noticed my chickens don't roll out the welcoming rug to new chickens, I assume this is normal, so wondering what is protocol when getting new chicks.


11 Years
Aug 26, 2008
mtns of ,NC.
We usually intergrate the flock when the young ones are about the same size as the present flock. They will need to be in a wired off area so they can get to know each other along the way. The longer they are exposed to each other through the fence the better. I am building a flock of different aged chickens. That way they do not all molt at the same time or go broody at the same time. Its always hard to let them sort of form the pecking order after an addition. Some will get picked on more than others. If one hen is being particually mean I remove her to another place for a day or two. Then she will not be top hen for awhile. It will help. Good luck with your hens. I love mine and would not want to ever part with them. All but the comets. I have one that is destined to the stew pot if she does not quit being such a meany. Gloria Jean PS WELCOME to BYC

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