New chicks and question about watery poop

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by slurrywidow, Feb 18, 2011.

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    I got 3 new chicks on Wednesday and have them in a brooder in my bathroom. Brooder is set up in a sunk-in bathtub. Rubbermaid-type box (33 " x 15"), wire over the top with red bulb lamp. Temp in box, under light, is about 93. They seem to be doing ok with the temp as they lay not directly under it but to the outer edges of the heat ring. They also have plenty of space where they can go if they wanted to get even farther away. They also don't alway sleep in a huddle but sometimes do.

    The bedding is pine pellets, not shavings. Not sure I like it but the feed store suggested it so I thought I'd try it.

    I'm using medicated feed and they seem to be eating ok. It's my first time with babies so I'm not sure how often they should be eating. They seem to fight over the food more than getting down to business and actually eating. [​IMG] concern is that I don't see much poo in the box. Again, being new to this I don't really know what to expect but compared to my older girls outside who seem to always poop, it just doesn't seem like much. I've been waiting to clean up after the babies to try and keep it poo-free (ish) but there doesn't seem like there is anything to clean. ???

    My REAL concern however is that today while I was holding them they all had very l;oose poop, with a green tint instead of darker like I thought it would be. Is that normal? And then just a few minutes ago I saw one of them had REALLY watery poo that was almost yellow/clear. That can't be right. Is it??

    Never thought I have so much to say about chicken poo [​IMG] but I don't want to cause harm to these babies and if they are sick I'd like to help sooner than too late.


    edited to add : I have check their vents and all are clear.
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    watery poo is perfectly normal for chicks. Remember chickens don't pee and only fluids come out in the poo. Because chicks haven't had a lot of solid in, they take a while before they have solid out. Just like a real baby vs a toddler.
    Because its liquidy, you don't notice it as much. Believe me in a few weeks you'll be wishing they didn't poo so much.

    they eat more as they get bigger, but they are always interested in what the other chicks have vs what's right in front of them
  3. Louise's Country Closet

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    Sounds like everything is perfectly normal right now. No worries, give it a little while and you'll be wondering how all that poop can come from those little babies [​IMG]
  4. slurrywidow

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    Nov 17, 2010
    Cottage Grove, Oregon
    Thank you so much for the replies! [​IMG] I've been worried about them but now I can relax.

    If anyone can answer another question I would be grateful. I have two human kids ( [​IMG]) who are just dying to hold chickies and I am wondering how much I should allow this, if it all. Any opinions??

  5. gryeyes

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    They can hold them carefully for a few minutes each day. No squeezing. [​IMG]

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