New chicks arriving 7-10 days apart--okay to brood together?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by mcstewartchick, Feb 17, 2017.

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    Hello BYC!
    I've been avidly reading, but this is my very first post :)

    I'm finally getting new chicks this spring, and I'm planning my brooder. I'm getting chicks from the local feed store, and while I can get most of the breeds I want on the same weekend, I'd like to add a few chicks to the flock the next weekend too when they get a different breed. I know chicks grow fast, but since I am a chicken rookie, here is my question...Will I be able to put the babies in with the week-olds right away? Or will they be picked on/need to be separated at first? Give me your best recommendation!

    (Just in case it matters, the breeds coming home week 1 are Barred Rocks, RIR, BO, Ameracaunas. Week 2, silver laced and gold laced wyandottes)

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    I keep my chicks together and they a week old and 1 day old and have not had any issues. I would not put them together if they were 2 week apart in age though.
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    I've done a 10 day spread without issues. B/C there was such a size difference, I put a divider, and rotated some of the older chicks in with the little ones, 1 - 2 at a time, and then, after observing all of the older ones interacting with the younger, I pulled the divider. Last year, I did a 21 day spread, again, keeping a divider until the little ones were stronger... about a week, then pulled the divider. If they have plenty of room, you should be fine. I like to start out with 1 s.f./chick and increase to 2 or more s.f./chick by 3 weeks old.
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    Thanks for the advice everyone!

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