new chicks arriving nov 4th

clara rose

9 Years
Oct 7, 2010
my first time on, i have 32- 7 month old chickens that give me 24 eggs a day, i just ordered 30 chicks that will show up nov 4th at the post office from iowa and i am in oregon. the coop i have now is 16 feet by 8x8 and fits good thinking of building another house for new birds, to grow up in, will they roost all together when they get older the older birds get to run around and range feed all day and i lock them up every night, just curious if once the little ones grow up and they are getting along will they always go to the coops they grow up in, i know the coop i have now isn't big enough for 62 chickens.
Since you said yours are coming from Iowa, I was wondering if you ordered from Welp? This is my first hatchery order and I'm expecting 33 chicks. They are due to hatch and ship next Wednesday, the 13th. Hopefully they'll be here by Friday. I'm going to the post office this morning to find out what time their truck comes in. If need be, I'll drive the 30 miles to the larger post office that they'll be sorted in, if that will save the chicks some hours in a box.
McMurray hatchery i talked to my post office and they get birds all the time i left them my card and they will call in the am, and i will grab them and head home. Nov 4th 5th or 6th. i built a 6x2 foot box with a lid and i have heat lamp feed and water. so i am looking forward to getting them, they send a mystery chick also. i plan to keep them in the box on front porch that is screened in until they get to be 8 weeks then move them to a building close to the other chickens i have so they can hear and see each other for a month or so and then let get together where i can watch. i have added birds 2 at a time twice now and they have worked it out in a couple of days with no one getting hurt so. well i will learn something by my first chicks and bringing them up and introducing them all together. all my birds get locked up every night and let out in the am to run around on 5 acres of lots of good scratching. my wife thinks i am obsessed with these chickens, i think she is right.

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