New Chicks came! Ideal order


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11 Years
Dec 9, 2008
Middleburg, FL
I got my ideal order today. I got 6 barred rock pullets and 6 buff orpington pullets. They included 5 packing peanuts. I'm not sure what breed they are they are browinish with darker brown stripes down their back. They're a little smaller than my buff orps but not tiny in comparison. I guess I'll figure it out as they grown. I tried looking at chick pictures on the ideal site but gave up after I found 3 different breeds that looked like them (the only one I remember is welsummers). They're ADORABLE though. I'm happy with my order. It came quickly (the hatch date I asked for was june 2) and they are all alive and healthy!
Look at some pictures of silver laced wyandottes. That's the packing peanuts that Ideal sent with my BO's about a month ago. Enjoy your babies...
Aren't SLW black? These guys are brown darker brown chipmunk kind of markings. In just a couple of minutes of looking I saw a few on ideals site they could have been.

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