New Chicks Coming- First time owner, any advice?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by AnimalFriend<3, Jan 22, 2011.

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    Jan 21, 2011
    I have the chicken bug and for the last month I have read everything about chickens that I could get my hands on. I am picking up my chicks Feb. 25 (Easter Egger, Buff Orpington, Black Star)![​IMG] At this point I'll take any advice on these particular breeds, raising chickens, or any fun info you might want to share! Can't wait!!! [​IMG]
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    Feb 4, 2010
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    I don't know anything about those three breeds but I think all chicks are pretty much the same with regards to temperature requirements, food and water etc. I'd say make sure you have your brooder & heat lamp & thermometer set up and checked well before you get your chicks, so that you know it's at the right temperature before you put them in it. Put them on paper towels for the first few days - stops them getting splayed legs and prevents them from eating wood shavings. If your waterer has enough water surface for a chicks head to fit into then you should put some small pebbles in it so they can't accidentally drown themselves. When you first put them in the brooder, take each chick and dip their beaks in the water so they know where it is. Can't really think of anything else important. Oh, yes, get your camera ready cause you'll want to take loads of pics of them to show off to everyone on the forum!
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    I really like my buff orpingtons. They are large, dependable layers, most are good breeders and all are calm and kind to other birds. I have had some good EE as well, my favorite current rooster, one dear older hen, and one 6 year old hen who lays an olive egg nearly every two days still. I use three young EE hens currently for breeding and have Y others laying through this cold weather. I had a black sex link (black star) rooster who was huge and mean as sin but a reliable 430am crower for 2 years until a fox took him.

    I turn heat up in my car when I get my chicks and bring along my waterer (standard ball jar type to start) and give them water immediately. I get them home asap. My modified wire animal crate has 1/2" wire mesh bottom,I have 3 in different sizes. I have never had problems with legs or toes. I have raised the crates above the catch trays to allow newspaper underneath without chicks being able to grab it.
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    I can only speak for the buffs...Wonderful birds, they handle the cold very well. They are much as a chicken can be. I think they are the best birds in my flock. They make good mothers. Strong and healthy, friendly and beautiful.

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    Apr 1, 2010
    i love my buff orpingtons too. they are snuggled in their coop and it's 2 degrees outside right now. yikes!

    i got my chicks in the spring and they seemed to get too hot with the heat lamp much more quickly then the standard however many degrees per week you are supposed to turn it down. anyway, make sure you watch them and don't just go by temperature, especially inside in the winter when your house heat is turned on. i ended up moving them to a larger box and putting the heat lamp in the corner by the second week so they could get away from it.
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    My Buff Orpington is the best! Her name is Bugsy, and she is one of the friendliest of the flock. (my Delawares are too) I could spend an hour telling you how great she is, but I'll try to keep it short hehe. My flock was hatched on may 22, they all started laying on or just after Halloween, and Bugsy went broody on December 2. I gave her a few days to make sure she was really going to sit, and not just playing around. on the 4th, I loaded her up with 6 eggs. On Christmas eve/day, we got 3 little chicks [​IMG] (1 wasn't fertile, 1 stopped developing way early, and 1 just quit at the end [​IMG] ) She has been a Wonderful mommy so far. She takes those little ones everywhere, and shows them the ropes of being a chicken [​IMG] best mom of the year award should go to her.
    Couldn't resist posting a few pics.

    This is her with BJ, this is her actual chick (the egg she went broody on)
    and this is Bugsy

    I have 5 Easter Eggers, I love them all [​IMG] They are great layers, and lay large eggs. They are pretty friendly, I have 1 that is very skittish, but I think that was the fault of my rooster.. she was his favorite, and he was way too rough on her. He is gone now, but she is still skittish. If you want to see pics of them, click on my BYC page link under my avatar. I have pics of all 9 of my Chickens from chick to adult on there. (Spazz is no longer with us, I guess I need to update that)

    I don't have a Sex-link, but I hear they are great layers for a few years.

    Welcome to the world of chickens [​IMG]

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