New chicks dying, diarrhea, and bloody stool.


7 Years
Dec 2, 2012
Winton, California
I have been hatching chicks for over a year now. And in the past once they hatch I loose very few. But the last month has been horrible.
The chicks hatch, and between 3 to 10 day later they get weak and die. Those that die get thin and lethargic. They stop growing and they get emaciated to where their heads look huge compared to their bodies. Then they die 2 days later. They also seem to get diarrhea.
If they survive past 2 weeks of age they typically live. And the hatchery chicks that I have bought seem to rarely die. Then today I noticed bloody stool in the brooders. I have lost about 30 % of my hatches in the past month.
Any ideas on disease and medications to use?

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