New Chicks Egg Bowling :(


10 Years
May 7, 2009
I have 5 chicks that hatched in the last few hours. First one around 4am and then the rest with the last 3 hours.

But...I have pips in some of the other eggs.....and the new chicks are kicking them all over the place!

What do I do? A couple of the chicks are not completely dry yet so I can't take them out and don't want to open the bator and compromise the pipped eggs.

Please tell me the remaining eggs can withstand the abuse.

Here is the live stream to give you an idea:
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Dont take them out, just leave everything as is. They do this all the time. Thats why some people put shelf liner in the bator and put the eggs in egg cartons. They should be fine!

You have been a HUGE help! And I am at work so I am worrying over the Live Stream I set up just in case this happened

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