New chicks, how much feed?

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  1. Saltcreek

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    Feb 20, 2011
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    In April I will be picking up my first chicks, 15 Welsummers. I will be using Purina Start & Grow (only other choice is DuMore). I will be starting them in the basement, and moving them to the chicken house and tractor when they grow enough. I don't want to end up with left over starter feed. How much feed can I expect them to use?
    Any Idea how much Layena 15 grown chickens use if they can be out in a chicken tractor? Probably seems simple unless you never did it. [​IMG] Thanks.

  2. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    No need for leftover starter. Just mix it with the grower when the time comes. Lots of people do this anyway, to get them used to the new feed gradually. There isn't enough difference between them to worry about it. I would buy a 50# bag because it's cheaper in quantity and they would get it all.
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    I feed starter until time to feed layer. I switch when they are about 16 weeks old, or whenever the starter is out.

    My 12 laying chickens will go through roughly a 50# bag a month, but they get out to free-range. I've heard of much higher consumption levels.
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    My nine chicks went thru 30 ln of starter in a month. We have lost three but they are bigger and eat more now so we are at seven weeks and almost done with the second bag of 25 lb. I got a deal on them as they were ripped, normally I buy the 50 lb bag too. You will need it. They eat a lot. And are messy!!

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