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    I placed my order a little over a month ago. The wife has a friend who has some Buff Orphingtons even though she wasn't thrilled with the whole idea of chickens when I first got them a little over a year ago now. She also thought it would be "NEAT" to have "some of those things that lay the colored eggs" so I got a few Auericanas as well.

    Well 25 of them arrived today with only two of them having assumed room temperature. I was at work so my son did the honors of placing them in the brooder box. Jr. then passed on some information that he got from work. He works at Tractor Supply and just before they got their annual shipment of Easter chicks they got a memo from the home office saying that when the birds first arrive they are to be given water only for at least the first hour before any feed is introduced to them. This is said to greatly reduce "butt plugs" or so they say. Anyway that's what we did I'll report if we have any problems.

    Sorry, no pictures as I'm digitally challenged.
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    Congrats but we so wish you had PICS!

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