New Chicks-n-Water - Question?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by MudPie, Jan 15, 2010.

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    My first batch of chicks was purchased from TSC last spring. They told me to mix an electrolyte supplement with the water, as well as an antibiotic. So I did and all turned out well.

    Now, I’m expecting a delivery of chicks in March from Mt Healthy. I’m wondering about all this water stuff.

    Mt Healthy recommendation is just keep fresh water available, they do not mention supplements. However they do mention medicated feed for the first 6-8 weeks.

    I’ve read from other hatchery websites about mixing sugar w/ the water for the first 8 hours or the first day. Then add medication after the 3rd day. The combonations of advice regarding additives goes on and on. There just seems to be varied approaches.

    What is the going opinion on water additives? (Sugar, electrolytes, meds, etc) And even medicated feed for that matter?

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    when I got my chicks I just mixed a couple teaspoons of sugar with a guart of water the first couple days. After that I just did plain water. All of my chicks did ok.
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    We've only regularly added sweeteners to water for turkeys and waterfowl. You ARE supposed to give chicks sugary water if they act sluggish though. It probably depends on what type of chicks you're getting. Cornish, for example, might be more lethargic. We've only raised chicks that were heritage.
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    As far as the medicated feed, i haven't seen it make any difference, and i have decided to stop using it. And from the research i have done, it may even inhibit their ability to develop resistance to the cocci like they should. I just keep Corid on hand in case i see signs of coccidiosis, and i have gotten rid of medicated feed.
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    IMO, freshly shipped chicks need clean fresh water...period. Keep sugar water in mind if you should end up with a chick(s) weak from shipping.
    Healthy chicks do not need antibiotics AT ALL. Giving antibiotics when not necessary can make those drugs ineffective if and when you need them in the future. It's also how super bugs are created.
    I won't raise any chicks without medicated feed in the wet conditions we have here in Arkansas. The medication in the medicated chick starter is not an antibiotic; it's a coccidistat. It provides some protection from and helps the chicks develop an immunity to coccidiosis. To put it another way, it keeps their little bodies from being overwhelmed while helping them to grow immune. Coccidia can kill a young chick quickly. It's important when feeding the medicated chick starter to get the chicks on the ground and scratching in the dirt as early as possible. A body can't develop an immunity to something it's not exposed to.
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    I think the hatcheries are just trying to add some more revenue and profit to each order. There is no reason the chicks should need medication or vitamins. The first water I give usually has maple syrup in it (real stuff, not HFCS). But I doubt it makes much difference. I use medicated feed, and I would recommend it if you have adult birds already. It might not be necessary, but it doesn't cost any more than non-medicated feed (which they don't sell everywhere anyway).

    Heat, clean water, food, and adequate space in a brooder with a good bedding. That is all they really need.
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    i only put electrolytes in their water for about a week, (you can use sugar too), I never put anything alse in their water and they were fine. And yes you do have to give them medictaed chick feed for 6-10 weeks
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    I had my first batch of chicks last year. I replaced the fresh water twice a day but did not add anything to it. (And don't forget marbles in the water dish for the first week to prevent drowning.) For feed I used medicated Purina start/grower for 18 weeks and the switched to Purina Layena pellets.

    I plan to raise my 2nd flock this same way this spring. (Not replacing last years flock, more than doubling the size of the flock [​IMG]).

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