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    Aug 14, 2011
    Hey all We are new to this whole chicken thing and pretty well love it. We started with 6 easter chicks that turned out to be a 5 hens (Cornish Roaster, 2 RIR, and 2 that will never be known as they did not make it. My guess is they may have been Roasters too.) We also got a Barred Rock Roo.

    So long story short we ended up getting the Roo, 2 RIRs and the Cornish to about 15 weeks. We came out one morning and the Cornish was dead, then several nights later a coon came and got the to RIR's we were sad!!

    But we were determined to try things again and improve upon what we learned. We went and got 25 new chicks a mix of Barred Rock, RIR, And Americauna's all hens They were between 1 week and 2 weeks (about 3 now). We have been keeping them in the coop and the roo in the run. At night we have rigged a wire dog crate up on the perch our Roo used to sleep on with his former hens (the RIR's). So he sleeps in there and during the day we put him in the run and he occasionally free ranges.

    This has been going for the last week. Today my mother in law wanted to add 6 silkie hens to the mix. I had read how motherly they are and they certianley have seemed to taken to the chicks very well. The chicks pick at them and they just take it until it really hurts! Then they just give a quick correction.

    The Roo is who I am wondering about. He is certianley trying to assert his dominance with the hens which I expected and I am just unsure how far to let it go. He alos pecks at the chicks and I do not let that go very far at all before I get in the middle.

    Anyone have any advice on what we should do. At this time the Silkies and Hens are in the coop and the roo is out. I figuired tonight I will put the roo in the crate and then we will proceed somehow tomorrow.


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