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May 4, 2012
Hey everyone! My name is Sara and I'm new here! Recently I was given some chicks and they are 4 weeks old today. I am not sure what the breeds are of these chickens (really because i know nothing about chickens, but learning A LOT by raising them!) I think i know what the two black and white chickens are (named Checkers and Greybeard), not sure about the red/brown one (named Goldie) and have NO CLUE about the fancy-feathered-foot one (named, of course, Fancy). They are all sweet, sweet birds. Goldie is the biggest ham EVER. She loves when I visit the brooder, always hopping up on the sides and coming to my lap. She loved to be help and petted. I never knew chickens could be so tame. Fancy is the smallest of the four and therefore she's pretty flighty. She is getting calmer though. The black and white ones could careless. They dont mind to be held, but they let you know when they are done being held! I was hoping someone could help identify the breeds of these chickens for me, just curious!
You'll enjoy your chickens!!
Oh i love these chickens. a colleague of mine hatched them at school on May 3rd and I took 4 home. Talk about time consuming! I was such a worry wart for the first few days! They are so much fun.
Hi and :welcome from Ohio. So glad you joined. You have two Barred Rock cockerals, the red one looks like an RIR and the feather footed one, not quite sure, need a close up pic. :thumbsup

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