New Chicks... Our "Advanced Party" is Here!


8 Years
Feb 20, 2011
Rural Michigan
A few days ago, my DH and I broke down and got ourselves 7 chicks at Tractor Supply. We weren't thrilled with their labelling system. One brooder held "Red Pullets" and included Buff Orpingtons. "Bantams" were a mix of different bantams and, other than the Tetra Tints, there was a brooder with Ameraucanas and Buff Orpingtons. Supposedly. We picked the more active chicks of the lot, the ones that were eating and drinking actively and wandering around. They've been here a week now, and we've changed to a much larger brooder to accommodate the 37 that arrive next week. In the meantime, these little fluffs have made themselves at home and have been great fun to watch. Here they are, in random order:


Barbra the Ameraucana chick. She sings loudly.


Belle the Old English Game chick. She's very dainty and loves attention.


Blaziken the Ameraucana chick. She likes to mother the bantams and gathers them around her before settling down for a nap.


Cutie the Old English Game chick. Named by our 4 year old, she's very mellow and likes to observe.


Dennis the Golden Seabright. Named for Dennis Hopper, because this Dennis likes to hop over the other chicks.


Eggbert, supposedly an Ameraucana chick. Eggbert is the big cheese in our little chick flock, at least for the moment.


Gloria the Lavender Orpington. Very docile, calm, and sweet, and bigger than the rest.

Thanks for taking a look at our new babies!
My favorite is the lavendar orpington.....I can't believe the TSC would have that color! WOW! (Or did I misunderstand...)

Anyhow, they're all just beautiful!
Thanks everyone! We're having lots of fun with these little guys/gals. Chicmom, when we started this whole poultry thing, I wanted to raise Lavender Orpingtons, but I found out it's a strain not even recognized by the American Poultry Association because the color is a recessive trait. My guess is that whoever packed the Buff Orpington chicks didn't even notice. So much the better for us!

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