new chicks question


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9 Years
Apr 25, 2010
Hi, i just added two more chickens to my three i have three 2-3 month old(guessing thats how old they are) white leghorns and today i got two red sex links. Well i got them home and put some food in front of them and one absolutly attacked it the other ate but not so crazly. The lady i got them from had 250 red sex link hens in great condition and two beautiful rir roosters so i know she takes good care of these chickens and dont think she would starve the little ones. She also has dogs cows and pigs that are in great condition so i wonder what the deal is. On a better note they got along good with the big chickens and enjoyed being in the bigger run then the one at there first home and they are really pretty birds. Ill post some pics tommarrow and i hope someone can tell me why the chick began eating like that. Thanks to all who reply

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