New Chicks - Two Neck Issues! (Lumps and Dirty)


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Apr 11, 2008
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Hi all!

Bear with me, please...this is my first year with chickens as an adult.

I got my second batch of chicks for the year last night.
5 Ameraucanas
5 Blue Laced Red Wyandottes
5 Salmon Faverolles
4 Cochins
2 Black Spanish Turkey Poults
2 Lavender Poults

The two lavender poults and one cochin chick (all a week old) have crusty, brown, hard feathers on the front/sides of their necks. Is it just from dirty conditions, or is it more insidious?

I've noticed a lump under the skin on several of the chicks' necks, that would be most understandable if I say it feels like an enlarged gland when you're sick. It's a little right of center...maybe it's the crop? I don't remember feeling it on my Barred Rocks when they were this small. (They're 4 wks now.)

Sorry for the seriously novice questions, I can't seem to find answers anywhere.


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