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    Ok let me ask one question at a time since I got no replies for my earlier post..Hi all! I am getting four 3 weekers tomorrow from my new friend that I met here at BYC. I currently have roos and hens 1 year plus and a chick that is about 9 months old (the subject of which will be my second question). My first question is will it EVER be safe to put the new babies with the grown chickens? The older ones quickly accepted the new chicks which were hatched by there mom last year and I have two hens now that are sitting on eggs, so do you think that when these new chicks that I am adopting get old enough to come out of the brooder it will be ok to put them in the coop? Will the moms of the newly hatched chicks maybe adopt them? Ooops, that is more than two questions..sorry but any advice would help.
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    I'm kind of new at this myself, but this is what I've been reading on BYC. I have 4 month old chickens in the coop and in a 1/2 acre yard. I also have 5 week old chicks that I have moved out into the coop, but they are fenced in with chicken wire in the corner for protection (yes, they have plenty room). The other chickens see them daily and are use to them. After they have been there for 2 weeks I will let them out so they can also go into the yard. I will also leave the protected area up with just a small door so they can go inside for protection if needed. I will also leave their food inside because my other chickens will be starting layer feed soon and the newer chicks will not be able to eat that. from what I have read this is the way it's done, if not, someone correct me.

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