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Mar 17, 2008
San Antonio
Good morning, this is day two for me and my new chicks. I bought 3 of what the feed store guy said were Ameraucaunas (sp?) from Ideal. They really are cute. They are colored like chipmunks and two of them have poofy cheeks. I was told that these chicks were easter eggers after I took some pics and posted them. I just wanted to update an let everyone know that I am very excited. My daughter who is 21 mos. waves at them and tells them "hi" Yesterday she was not acting appropriately and I told her to go to her room before she left she waved and told the chicks "bye" she was sad. lol At first she was kind of scared of them, but she was also scared of the bunnies at the feed store, lol. So I thought I would share some pics, and if anyone has any useful info on EEs I'd love for you to share with me. (by the way I think baby chicks are addicting, I'm already thinking about what I'm going to get next)







and here's one of my baby, Maya
First of all, your Easter Eggers are soo cute and so is your little girl! She looks Hawaiian with that flower headband on her. So precious. I have 6 Easter Eggers, they grow to be very unique looking, their cheeks are puffy and their combs are pea combs. They are very sweet natured chickens and lay the most awesome colored eggs! Some days I get turquoise eggs, light blue eggs, khaki colored eggs. Everyday is a surprise in the nest boxes.

Where are you located in Texas? I'm from Texas also, South Texas, a little bitty town called Louise.
Welcome to the chick addiction page!! Just kidding! It is true, if you have 2 chicks you want 200! I started with 7 mixed varieties just to get eggs. I never thought my family and I would fall in love with them. This year we have decided to build a second coop and get moer chicks! My middle son has picked out 5 and I got 9 more. We both choose to get some "Easter Eggers" we now have 5 all together! They are about 3 weeks old and already have their own personalities! I hope you and your beautiful daughter enjoy your chicks as much as my children and I do!! Good luck and Welcome to the "Addiction"!
Thank you, I already love the chicks and I can tell my daughter and my husband does too. He wanted to give them cake yesterday. I wouldn't let him. I always get kind words on this forum. I feel really good to have found this site, good to be here. I am in San Antonio, TX by the way, I haven't heard of Louise. Is it toward Brownsville?
Louise is about an hour from Houston. If you ever get a map and look at it, you can find a teeny tiny print with "Louise" on it. We are about I think 5 hours from Brownsville.
Forgot to mention, I've been to San Antonio several times. Matter of fact my husband and I honeymooned there 24 years ago. It was my 1st time there and out of my comfort zone! I was shocked at downtown S.A. My husband told me stories of how beautiful S.A. was and the Riverwalk, when we got there, the Riverwalk was empty of water! It was in January of 1984 where the city drained it out to clean it up. It is a beautiful city. I enjoy going there for visits.
What cuties they are...

Here is a pic of an Ameraucana all grown up...they are really neat looking. We have 1 chick now, she is colored a slight bit differently from yours. I picked her especially because of her color...



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